Why Manygoats?

Goat behaviour studies are typically conducted on small groups in specific living conditions. However, contextual idiosyncrasies of individual testing sites may produce site-specific results, which may not be reproducible and/or transferable. A multi-site approach can offer a resource-efficient opportunity to increase the external validity of scientific results that are more suitable to guide improvements in management, and thus improve welfare

To date, the ManyGoats network consists of researchers from five continents with expertise in goat behaviour, animal welfare, veterinary medicine, statistical modelling and animal ethics.

who are we?

what are Our aims?

As a collaborative international team of experts, we aim to improve the external validity and dissemination of our findings in the study of goat behaviour and welfare by implementing identical experimental protocols to simultaneously test goats across many different facilities around the world. We will also strive to implement the principles of Open Science, making our work transparent, inclusive and accessible.

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